About Us

Started in 2008, Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is one of the leading Physiotherapy Clinics of India.

Elite Physiotherapy Centre introduced the concept of “Holistic Rehabilitation” in which protocols are designed intricately to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and return to work/sports. The Goal of Elite Physiotherapy Centre is to provide service that is scientifically focused on patient satisfaction and is result-oriented Physical Healing along with Mind and Body Fitness executed in a Holistic approach.


For orthopaedic, Neurological, sports medicine, nutritionist & dietician, other systemic conditions From Injury to Fast Track Return to Work, From Sports Injury to Return to Sports, From Wellness to Peak Performance, Physiotherapy in Stress Management, Anti Hair fall / Regrowth hair therapy, Body Detox Therapy, Acupuncture / Dry needling, Dry cupping / wet cupping (Hijama) / Fire cupping, Podiatric (Custom Insole), Kinesiology Taping

First time in Delhi NCR having high-end physiotherapy equipment which includes-

We consider and understand our patient’s needs.

Our focus is to really listen to our patients, understand their illness, and provide an exceptional level of treatment and rehabilitation service that makes them relax.

A single-minded focus on getting results

Our highly qualified and experienced team of physical therapy doctors, orthopaedic doctors, nutritionists, and other specialists are oriented toward getting the best result by their multidisciplinary treatment approach.