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Tennis Injuries and its Preventions and Treatments

How to cure Tennis Injuries?

Tennis, as we all know, is a high-impact sport that requires full-body engagement while running, serving, and achieving various positions while performing on the court. Due to these demands, it is critical for the player to maintain strength, flexibility, and muscle conditioning in order to avoid injury. Injuries can occur as a result of a lack of conditioning, overtraining, or incorrect tactics for completing a specific activity throughout the game.  These Tennis injuries, however, can be avoided by performing a full warm-up before playing to prepare your muscles for the demands of the game. Our bodies are put under a lot of strain during sports, which can contribute to wear and tear in the muscles, joints, and bones.  Sports injuries can be effectively treated by our physiotherapist, who will assist you in recovering quickly and will also educate you on how to avoid future injuries.

Prevention of Tennis Injuries:
  • Warm up your body.
  • Keeping body Hydrated.
  • Adequate Intake of food.
The common forms of Tennis injuries are as follows:
  • Rotator cuff injuries.
  • Shoulder impingement.
  • Tennis elbow.
  • Wrist sprain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Labral tear.
  • Femoroacetabular impingement.
  • Patella tendinopathy.
  • Knee Ligament sprain (MCL & ACL).
  • Calf strain.
  • Hamstring strain.
  • Ankle sprain.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
Physiotherapy Treatment of Tennis injuries:

Even if you are in good health, improper exercise, warming up, and stretching can cause injury. If you are an injured athlete, speak with our physiotherapist at Elite physiotherapy & sports injury centre about building a treatment plan specifically for you. To avoids future injuries, we can help you regain your strength and mobility and become fitter than before. Even if you are not injured, physiotherapy can help you by providing training services to help athletes improve their performance and coordination.

The treatment protocol is set according to the injury and also customized as per the patient’s present condition. some of the treatment methods are as follows:

Acute injuries are treated according to the PRICE guidelines, which include the protection of damaged joints using a brace or sports tape. Rest, but only with isometric exercises; otherwise, your affected joint will stiffen and lose range of motion. We have ice packs and a cryo-air machine for icing. Compression will reduce swelling by compressing the afflicted joint. And Elevation also aids in the decrease of edema.

Other techniques of treatment are:
  • Cold-compression therapy, The analgesic action of ice is combined with the benefits of lowering compressive edema in this therapy.
  • Electrical stimulation, This device can assist to strengthen and rehabilitate damaged muscles, as well as increase blood circulation and reduce swelling in affected regions.
  • Therapeutic ultrasonography. It is suitable for treating deeper muscle injuries as well as injuries closer to the skin’s surface. Ultrasonic devices enhance local blood circulation, relax tissue, and aid in scar healing.
  • Kinesio taping.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Stretching.
  • Strengthening.
  • Soft tissue mobilization.
  • Dry needling. etc.
Some advanced and trending treatments in tennis or any other sports injuries are:
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy.
  • Super inductive system.
  • High-intensity class 4 laser.
  • Combo-therapy.
  • Wireless-professional.
  • Cupping therapy.

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