SIS The New Age Treatment for Your Pain

SIS The New Age Treatment for Your Pain

What is SIS?

The high-intensity electromagnetic field generated in the applicator coil serves as the foundation for the super inductive system (SIS) technology. the initial cause of pain alleviation is the device muscle contractions or achieving muscle relaxation, muscle strength, joint mobilization, etc. based on the intensity and frequency of this field as well as assistance for bone fracture healing.

The analgesic effect has been attained by influencing three distinct conceptions of pain:

The endogenous opioid theory of pain is how the SIS affects tissue at lower frequencies, between 2 and 10 hertz.

The range of 60 to 100 Herz affects the gate control hypothesis of pain.

At frequencies between 120 and 140 Hz, pain is reduced by the coding theory.

Analgesia is the primary result and the SIS’s main benefit in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological problems because of its adaptability.

Muscle contractions are used to avoid muscle atrophy and to strengthen weak muscles and muscle groups. The therapy is contactless, making it simple to treat different body areas, and stimulation of neuromuscular tissue causes contraction.

Through the impact of the strong magnetic field nearby, which supports new bone production by encouraging vascularization, the super inductive system can also aid in the repair of bone fractures.

Super inductive system positively impacts the spasticity by making a reduction in spasticity. Which entails reciprocal inhibition of the spastic muscle and stimulation of the antagonistic muscle.

The concentrated applicator concentrates an electromagnetic field into a tiny region in the coil’s core, and because it penetrates deeply into the tissue, it enables precise therapeutic targeting, which is crucial for managing neurological illnesses and relieving pain.

Additionally, the super inductive system improves respiration. SIS therapy activates the intercostal respiratory muscles.SIS therapy makes the respiratory muscles strength, which enhances breathing.

Boost the regeneration of nerves.

Why go with SIS?

  • It is a non-contact therapy.
  • This therapy causes no pain.
  • faster pain relief.
  • helps joints restore movement.
  • build back your muscle mass.
  • Boost bone healing speed.
  • For Muscles relaxation.
  • Spasticity reduction in neurological diseases.
  • Avoid muscular wasting.
  • respiratory therapy and improved breathing.
  • Increase blood flow to the treated area.
  • encourage the renewal of nerves.
  • Disc slippage
  • Tendinopathy.
  • syndromes of nerve impingement.
  • Carpal tunnel disorder.

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