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The shoulder is a very complex joint and made up of 4 different joints that’s why it is called shoulder complex these joints are- glenohumeral joint, Sterno-clavicular joint, acromioclavicular joint, and a the scapula-thoracic joint.
All 4 joints need to work together to form natural smooth movements and if something goes wrong it will affect all the joints.
Shoulder impingement syndrome is a disabling contact between soft tissues like muscle, tendons, and bursa and hard tissue like bone. When those 2 structures get too close to each other and impinge upon each other this is what causes shoulder impingement.
Shoulder impingement syndrome tends to be more common in people that do overhead activities. You can see this lot in sports like tennis (while serving), golf, swimming. It also tends to present in office workers and this has a lot to do with the sitting position and the rounding forward nature of typing on a computer causes a closing down of the space in the shoulder complex, which causes more irritation to the rotator cuff and the bursa which can cause or lead to shoulder impingement syndrome. Another cause can be due to structural deformity of the acromion process that causes reduced Subacromial space.
Shoulder impingement syndrome can be many types, some of the common types are:
Subacromial impingement.
Internal impingement.
Coracoid impingement.
Suprascapular nerve impingement.
Physiotherapy treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome includes:
Cryotherapy- to reduce the inflammation for 15-20 minutes.
Myofascial release- you can use a tennis ball, or golf ball for releasing the muscles. do Myofascial release for pectoral muscles, under the scapula, under the armpit, and backside of the shoulder.
Pendulum exercise.
Strengthening exercise for rotator cuff muscles- using the thera band or resistance tube to do an external and internal rotation, flexion, and extension of the shoulder.
Stretching exercises- stretching of pectoral muscles, neck muscles. and also do capsular stretching.
Mobility exercise- for cervical spine, thoracic spine, shoulder joint.
Neuromuscular control exercises.
Manual therapy technique of the shoulder.
Taping- like Kinesio taping or rigid scapular taping.
Dry needling.
TENS + US combo therapy.
High-intensity class 4 laser therapy.
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy.
Posture correction exercises.

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    6:25 PM, 3 August 2021

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