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Shin’s splint is a medical condition characterized by pain in shin bone itself.
How to avoid shin’s splint: Use good quality running shoes, be careful about increasing exercising workouts, warm up before exercising, watch your running form, watch your training surface (exercising on hard surface like concrete cause overload on shin’s muscles and tendons), and increase exercise intensity gradually, etc.
Exercise modification to relieve from shin’s splints pain: like alternative way of exercising such as cycling, swimming, and cross-training, etc.
Physiotherapy treatment for shin’s splint includes:
Physiotherapist will examine your foot arch and recommend you appropriate arch support (customized insole) for your shoes.
Also physiotherapist will modify your running form to deal with shin’s splint.
Cryotherapy of shin.
Using Neoprene sleeve and compression bandage.
Physiotherapist will give you some ergonomic advice like sleeping with elevated leg.
ROM exercises: like sitting toe tap exercise, and you can progress it by doing this exercise against resistance.
Ankle ROM exercise.
Heel walking for 15 to 20 feet or for 30 seconds and you can gradually increase the walk time up to 2 minutes.
Stretching exercise: like sit in long sitting position and point your feet forward and get a good stretch in your anterior leg, hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat for 10 times.
Another way of stretching is you sitting on your feet (like vajrasana or thunderbolt pose) and place your palm on side of your knees and now lift yourself up but keep your toes in touch with the ground.
Massaging of tibialis anterior muscle.
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization of tibialis anterior.
Foam rolling of shin.
Foam rolling of calf muscle and Achilles tendon.
Physiotherapist uses therapeutic modalities for shin’s splint such as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and Ultrasound therapy. And they uses some techniques like dry needling and Kinesio taping for pain relief and faster recovery.

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