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We at Elite Physiotherapy & sports injury Centre are health professionals and trained wet cupping/ hijama therapists and offer Cupping / Hijama Therapy with years of experience in practicing cupping and we offer care for the patients under the esteemed guidance of trained health professionals. We are a passionate group of people and promote natural health. Our highly experienced doctors first check your vitals, Bleeding & Clotting time, your BP, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation Level, & Blood Sugar Level before the procedure to rule out any complications.

Who can get cupping therapy?

Frequently Ask Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information. If you have any queries or questions? Feel free to ask. Send us a mail or call us on the numbers provided. You can also contact us on WhatsApp and personally at our Saket or Gurugram clinic.
Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It may also help form new connective tissue and create new blood vessels in the tissue.
We treat our patients with Cupping Therapy. This is an application of both Wet (blood withdrawal) cupping and Dry (dynamic or moving) cupping techniques which help in treating and preventing diseases. Cupping or Hijama Therapy is a very effective therapy that averts and treats mild to severe degenerative diseases and helps in keeping good health.
Cupping Therapy helps in getting liberated from acidic and toxic waste which gets collected in our body as we catch up with age. The sources of these toxic waste are polluted air that we breathe, chemicals present in the food and water, toiletries; environmental waste, narcotic drugs, smoking, and intoxicating drinks, junk food; Impact of accidents and trauma and toxins caused by anger, depression, mental stress causes diseases like numbness, aches, and pain, stomach ache, fever, cough, constipation, and headaches. If all these diseases are left untreated it may cause further amassing of toxic waste which will lead to severe chronic diseases which include high blood pressure, ulcers, migraine, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. We at Elite Physiotherapy & Sports injury Centre Saket, Delhi / Baliawas, Gurugram, opposite Teri gram / Community center, Sun City sec-54, Gurgaon treat all these diseases by dry and wet cupping.
Avoid hot temperature (hot shower, hot tub, sauna) 6 hours after cupping as the therapy opens your skin pores and your skin may be more sensitive to temperature.
No, it is not a painful procedure.
No, you won’t feel pain, you will feel only sensations like ant biting.
In wet cupping (Hijama) we withdrew blood. We use Dry cupping for muscle releases and tightness. In fire cupping, we make a vacuum with the help of fire. For more details visit our cupping page. Can a normal person does this? Yes, it will help to relieve stress and helps to relax the body.

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