Rounded Shoulder treatment at elite physiotherapy

Rounded Shoulder and its Corrective Measures

What is a Rounded Shoulder?

A rounded Shoulder is used to describe a shoulder position that has moved forward from the body’s ideal alignment. Rounded shoulders are typically caused by muscle imbalance and poor posture habits.

Causes of Rounded Shoulder:

  • The common cause of a rounded shoulder is-
    • any activity that causes the body to look down and forward for long periods such as using a smartphone or tablet,
    • using a computer or laptop,
    • sitting for long periods,
    • driving a vehicle,
    • Also, carrying heavy objects all day.

All these activities cause tightness of the front muscles and weakness of the upper back musculature.

The rounded shoulder may lead to increase stress on the shoulder joints and increased stress can cause pain around the neck and upper

Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:

  • Specialized treatment is available at elite physiotherapy and sports injury centre such as-
    • Chiropractic and osteopathic treatment,
    • Functional training,
    • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization,
    • Kinesiotaping,
    • In addition, Posture correction treatment,
    • Also, Dry/Wet or Fire cupping therapy,
    • Therapeutic modalities such as-
      • Combo therapy,
      • Heat treatment for muscle relaxation,
      • Also, Super inductive system for muscle and joint mechanical mobilization.
  • Stretching of the tight muscles such as-
    • pectoralis major/minor,
    • subclavius,
    • latissimus dorsi,
    • Upper trapezius,
    • Also, Serratus anterior.
  • Different stretching can be done to stretch the tight structure such as-
    • handclasp stretching,
    • Door chest stretch,
    • The T stretch,
    • Bridging,
    • Also, Cat & Cow exercise.
  • Muscle release technique.
  • Foam roller exercises for self-muscle releasing of the back musculature.
  • Strengthening weak muscles such as
    • the Middle & Lower trapezius and Rhomboids.
  • Strengthening exercises such as-
    • shoulder blade squeeze,
    • Prone I/T/Y,
  • Neck and Upper back muscles strengthening exercise with thera band.
  • Pull-ups & seated row.
  • Scapular control exercises such as-
    • scapular wall slides,
    • Retraction of scapula,
    • Also, posterior scapular tilt.
  • Core strengthening exercises such as.
    • Crunches,
    • Reverse crunches,
    • Alos, Supine leg raise,
  • Plank.
  • Use a brace for the rounded shoulder but only for a few hours.
  • Shoulder and scapular taping for posture correction.

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