Postural Neck Pain Due to Desk Job and its Treatment

Postural Neck Pain Due to Desk Job and its Treatment

What is Postural neck pain?

If you work at a desk job and spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer or leaning over a desk, you are more likely to develop muscle and joint issues, most commonly Postural neck pain.

The issues you may face as a result of prolonged sitting at your desk job at work or at home include poor blood circulation to your muscles and joints, which can lead to Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Potbelly, Headaches, Wrist strain, and most importantly, faulty posture, which will exaggerate your already poor condition.


  • Headaches
    Neck pain
    Shoulder pain
    Back pain
    Wrist strain
    Tight hip flexors
    Weak gluteal muscles
    In addition, joint misalignment
    Also, Reduced lung capacity

Physiotherapy Treatment of Postural neck pain:

  • Here are some simple home or workplace exercises you may do at any time to improve your posture as well as relieve discomfort.
  • Perform these simple exercises to relieve neck, shoulder, & back tension: such as
  • Firstly, Neck stretch.
  • Then, Lateral neck flexion stretch.
  • Clasping neck stretch.
  • Cross-body arm stretch.
  • Shoulder shrugs.
  • Double anterior shoulder stretch.
  • Half kneeling wall sweeps.
  • Wall thoracic extension.
  • Standing elbow on the wall.
  • V wall slide & lift-off.
  • Standing lumbar extension.
  • Lower back side stretch.

Perform these simple exercises to relieve foot, knee, and hip pain: such as

Heel raises.

Toe walking.

Ankle circles.

Walking on balls.

Half kneeling hip flexor stretch.

These exercises can help you to Boost blood circulation, Relieve muscle stiffness, Reduce pain, as well as Improve strength.

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