Methods for reducing lower back pain

Methods for reducing lower back pain

Methods for reducing lower back pain

Methods for reducing lower back pain. Most people struggle with back pain once in their life, and it affects their quality of life. However Low back pain is one of the leading causes of activity restriction. In fact, if your low back pain persists for a long time it can be associated with numerous mental health including anxiety and depression

What do People generally do?

To overcome the pain and disability due to low back pain people started taking medicine, but the fact is that medicines only cure your symptoms like a pain but not the root cause of your low back pain. And continuous use of medicine can cause many harmful effects on your body like – feeling sick, constipation, drowsiness, kidney problems, liver damage, asthma, stomach ulcers, BP problems, and many other problems

Sometimes with medicine, you feel better but your low back pain reappears and you keep taking a painkiller to subside your pain, and your root cause of pain that is your musculature, joints, bone, and other structure remain untreated

Moreover, with this partial treatment, your low back issue can’t resolve. In order to completely resolve your low back problem, you should have physiotherapy Treatment.

Physiotherapy not only helps you to subside your pain but is also focused on the root cause of your pain. Furthermore, a Physiotherapist carefully assesses your condition and finds out the cause of your pain, and works on that cause.

Physiotherapy treatment includes not only the affected part but also your whole body

The causes of your low back pain may be

Poor conditioning of back & abdominal muscles
ligament Sprain that can be caused by sports
Poor posture
Standing for a long period
Sudden Fall
Lifting heavy weights with the wrong technique
Bending and twisting of muscles

Physiotherapy treatments for low back pain are


  • Piriformis stretching,
    Stretching of quadrates lumborum
    Hamstring stretching
    Stretching of Illio–psoas & quadriceps,
    Stretching of gluteal muscles,
    Pigeon stretch, Cobra stretch & Long Seated forward bend


  • Quadrupt Kick Back (This Exercise Helps To Strengthen The Quadratus Lumborum)
    Standing Reverse Hyper Extention (It Strengthens The Gluteal Muscles)
    Supine Pelvic Tilt Exercise
    Super Man Exercises- Alternate Limb, Contralateral Limb, Both Upper Limb & Lower Limb
    Dumbell Side Bend, Vertical Pallof Press, Side Planks
    Standing Hip Flexion With Loop Band

BRIDGING-Bridging helps stretch the chest, spine, and hip. Strengthens the back, buttocks, and hams.  Improve circulation of blood.

THE CAT / COW EXERCISE –The cat/cow exercise helps to alleviate lower back pain by strengthening, stretching, and releasing tension in the muscles around the spine. It improves posture, stability & core control by mobilizing all core muscles.

CORE STRENGTHENING EXERCISES-Planks, partial curls, full curls, single leg raise, double leg raise, draw-in exercises

MANUAL THERAPY –mobilization and manipulation

ELECTROTHERAPY– combo therapy, High-intensity laser, Targeted radiofrequency therapy, super inductive system, shock wave, cryotherapy

CUPPING– Dry cupping, wet cupping


  • While sitting place a towel roll behind the lumbar region
  • While sleeping, sleep supine and place a pillow under your knee


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