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Jones fracture is the fracture of proximal 5th metatarsal bone and it is characterized by its reach up to the inter-metatarsal joint.
Jones fracture is believed to occur as a result of significant adduction force to the forefoot with the ankle in plantar flexion. And it is common in athletes.
Jones fracture can be mistaken for a sprain, because the sprain is common on the side of the foot.
In jones fracture, patients are having constant pain over the middle-outside area of the foot that’s getting worse, and not getting better during the day. Along with pain, they can have redness, swelling, tenderness, the difficulty of walking as unable to put weight on side of the leg, etc.
In jones fracture there is a higher chance of non-union, risk of re-fracture even after healing, surgical treatment is common. Surgical treatment includes fixation with the screw.
The complication of Jones fracture can be re-fracture, screw failure, non-union, infection, nerve injury, hardware discomfort, etc.
There should be Non-weight bearing for 2 weeks.
Post-operative care of jones fracture includes:
In the Early-stage when limited weight-bearing is possible we have to protect the bone from undue loading and stress. During this stage due to not using the foot normally, can have consequences for areas higher up the body, such as knees, hips, and lower back. So this is necessary to do something for those areas like mobility exercises for knee hip and lower back and also non-weight bearing mobility exercise of the ankle. Other exercises like stability exercises for example- single (unaffected) leg toe touch, etc.
Physiotherapy treatment After 2 weeks when the patient can load their food includes:
Ankle ROM exercises.
Ankle strengthening exercises with thera band.
Step-up exercise with a resistance band placed at your knees.
Deep Squatting.
Stretching of the calf muscle and Achilles tendon.
Jumping rope.
Sports-specific drills.
Agility training.
Return to competitive sports is usually takes 10- 12 weeks.

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