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JONES FRACTURE is the fracture of the proximal 5th metatarsal bone and it is characterized by the reach of fracture up to the inter-metatarsal joint. Whereas-
PERONEAL TENDINOSIS is swelling, thickening, or enlargement of the peroneal tendons. Peroneal tendons include tendon of peroneal brevis, & peroneal longus muscle.
In simple words, JONES FRACTURE is the injury of the bone and PRRONEAL TENDINOSIS is the injury of the tendons.
The cause of JONES FRACTURE is due to repetitive stress or trauma. And PERONEAL TENDINOSIS caused due to overuse, such as a repetitive activity that irritates the tendon over a long period of time.
Symptoms of JONES FRACTURE include- pain and swelling outside at the base of the little toe. And PERONEAL TENDINOSIS is characterized by pain around the back and outside the ankle without any history of a specific injury.
Stretching of the calf muscle, Achilles tendon, soleus muscle, and peroneal tendon, etc. stretching of these structures can be done by placing a towel roll under your ankle and take another towel/belt/or stretch strep and put it around the metatarsal of your foot, and use the strap to pull feet toward you. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, do this 3 times.
Keep the same position as mention above and now do some strengthening exercise with thera band of light resistance. Put thera band around the toes and anchor it around the other foot and now do eversion and inversion of the foot.
The next exercise is heel & toe raise be in a standing position and keep your feet at shoulder-width apart, now come up on your toes, and slowly comes down, and then pull your toes up. This can progress to single leg heel-toe raise.
Now do a single leg balancing exercise, because the peroneal tendon on the outside has a lot of role in your balance.
Next stretching is on the step and keeps your feet inverted on the step and push your feet downwards and hold it for 30 seconds, for 3 times.
Achilles tendon stretching- stand up on the step with half of your feet on the step and half hanging, the other foot can stay completely on the step for some more balance, and then you drop the heel down until you feel a good stretch at Achilles tendon. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, 3 times.
The next exercise is also on the step that is side step-up exercise- this exercise is very effective for strengthening the ankle area.

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