Importance of Breathing Exercise

Importance of Breathing Exercise

There is huge physiological importance of breathing exercises for our health. Breathing exercises help to improve lung function. In normal breathing, we only engage our upper lobes out of three lobes on the right side and two lobes on the left side of the lungs.  In breathing exercises such as deep breathing exercises, we use our full lung capacity, and when we use our full lung capacity we help to improve the function of the entire lung.

Importance of Breathing Exercise on the nervous system

The second importance of breathing exercises is that they help to shift the body into a more parasympathetic state. We have two parts of our nervous system one is sympathetic (also can say the stress state) and another is the parasympathetic nervous system (which is a relaxed state). While our body is in a parasympathetic state it is in a more relaxed state and our body gets better rest, and sleep, and is able to better digest the food our bodies are able to better repair ourselves, and also the body is able to better detoxify. So breathing exercises help to improve many different functions in the body.

Importance of Breathing Exercise on the metabolism of the body

The third Importance of breathing exercises is that it helps to oxygenate every cell in our body. And also helps to move Co2 out of our cells. And when we let oxygen move into our cells it helps our body to do aerobic metabolism. So aerobic metabolism means that metabolism that happens in our body uses oxygen and when there is not enough oxygen supply then it promotes the anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic metabolism occurs without oxygen and this gives our body an environment that thrives the cancer cells, and chronic infections. That’s why breathing exercises are very important for our body to work appropriately.

Effect on pH

Breathing exercises help to affect the pH of the body. Because we are eating more processed food, food that have increased sugars, wheat, dairy product, etc it will get our body more acidic. And by breathing exercises, we get more oxygen and it helps to alkalinize the body.

Effect on posture and spine

Breathing exercises help to release endorphins into our body, endorphins are the natural painkillers that produce by our body. It promotes blood flow to the deep tissues.  Breathing exercises also help in improving posture and spine health. It also helps to clean the lymphatic system.

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