Heel Pain

Heel pain and its Physiotherapy Treatment

Heel pain and its Physiotherapy Treatment

Heel pain could be due to calcaneus spur or heel pad syndrome. If you feel heel pain then it could be because of the calcaneus spur or heel pad syndrome. Continued overstress of plantar fascia results in the shedding of periosteum from its origin at the calcaneus. The gap thus formed is filled up by the proliferation of bone. Resulting in the formation of a bony spur (spike) to secure the detached attachment. And it may cause the generation of calcaneus spur.

Causes of Heel Pain

Thus, the calcaneal spur is a late consequence of plantar fasciitis. A heel pad is a layer of adipose fat tissue that sits at the base of the heel. It helps distribute weight and also cushion the weight it takes while walking and running.

Due wear and tear of fat pad tissue and muscle fibers that make up the cushion pad on the soles of your feet, can cause a change in the thickening and elasticity of this fat pad and this condition is called pat pad syndrome.

CAUSES of calcaneal spur & heel fat pat syndrome may be repeated attacks of plantar fasciitis. Due to repeated trauma to the heel. The constant pull of the shortened plantar fascia. Improper footwear distorts the normal arches of the foot. Fibromatosis of the plantar fascia, etc.

Symptoms of Heel fat pad syndrome

A calcaneal spur or Heel fat pad syndrome patient complains of

Heel pain
Tenderness of the heel
Slight swelling at the attachment of the plantar fascia, etc.

TREATMENT includes.

To reduce inflammation raised heel walking while getting down from the bed in the morning or after a long time sitting. It will reduce inflammation by taking off the irritating focus of strain of weight-bearing.

Relieving strain from the fascia by providing wedge shoes.

Customized insoles have proven very effective.  The insole reduces tension & constant irritation of inflamed fascia.

Therapeutic micro-electrical stimulation of the feet to induce contractions in intrinsic muscles. it will improve tone, power, and circulation & relieve Heel pain.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ECSWT) is the trending treatment for Heel pain it shows its effect in the very first treatment and helps in reducing Heel pain very soon.

Exercises of intrinsic muscles in hot water in the morning before initiating weight-bearing exercises will be useful in lessening the morning Heel pain.

Other trending treatments used in Heel pain are Laser Therapy, Cryotherapy, and Thermotherapy.

Strengthening exercises to intrinsic muscles such as Towel pickup resisted dorsiflexion/plantarflexion/inversion & eversion exercises.

Slow barefoot walking on the lateral border of the foot with cupping of the foot by curling of toes is effective in molding longitudinal foot arch.

Stretching of lower leg muscles like long seated towel stretch, standing calf stretch, and plantar fascia stretch.

Plantar fascia releasing with frozen bottle rolling.

Static and dynamic balancing exercises.

And Kinesio Taping. Etc.

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