Functional Manual Therapy and its Benefits

Functional Manual Therapy and its Benefits

What is Functional Manual Therapy?

Functional Manual Therapy is a one-of-a-kind hands-on method that employs a number of physiotherapy techniques to assist treat chronic or acute pain, strengthening, flexibility, mobility, joint stiffness, posture, gait, also, inflammation. Every therapy is tailored to the individual’s particular needs; each therapy protocol is created with the patient in mind to get the greatest possible results.

Functional manual therapy promotes pain relief, optimal healing, and maximal functional potential. A therapist employs mechanical capability, neuromuscular function, also, motor control abilities in functional manual therapy.

When you come in for the FMT method, the physiotherapist will first listen to you and then look at you to determine not just where the major complaint is but also where the fundamental issue is.

Functional manual treatment is divided into three branches. A physiotherapist will first use physical treatments to try to restructure the structure, then mobility re-education, and ultimately patient education and long-term health for the patient.

To begin, a physiotherapist will utilize manual techniques to release both your joints and muscles, allowing you normal access to both your core function and a normal range of motion in your spine and extremities.

Following that, a physiotherapist will attempt to retrain any atypical movement patterns that you may have formed as a result of your injury or loss of function. They do this through the use of hands-on resistive exercise techniques known as PNF, which are meant to retrain your core function also, reintegrate your extremities into your core as one unit. Finally, they emphasize patient education by giving you exercises for strength and flexibility.

A physiotherapist will also educate you on body mechanics for everyday tasks so that you are less likely to harm yourself and need to return for treatment in the future.

Functional Manual Therapy can assist you with problems such as –

Sports injury,
Shoulder pain,
Knee pain,
Frozen shoulder,
Plantar fasciitis,
Jumper’s knee,
Bell’s palsy,
Disc prolapsed,
Low back pain,
Jumper’s knee,
Shoulder dislocation,
Compartment syndrome,
Foot drop,
Pediatrics conditions,
Forward head posture,
In addition, Piriformis syndrome,
Also, Hyperlordosis or kyphosis, etc.

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