Fix Your Posture

Fix Your Posture

Bad Posture

If you are someone who sits for the majority of the day. Whether it be sitting at home, at the office, driving, or just general inactivity. Then your body has over time adapted to become a very efficient sitter by turning off certain muscles and over-activating other muscles. And asymmetries created by various sitting habits can lead to tightness of one side of the body than the other. This will lead to Bad Posture.

Most people don’t just sit, and instead, slouch forward and lean sideways. And do all kinds of things to make themselves more comfortable which leads to a host of problems and imbalances that arise when you are not sitting. This led to a faulty posture where the head protruded forward, the mid-back and shoulder rounded forward, and the lower back arches excessively with an anterior tilt of the pelvis. This can lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back, and other areas.

Our expert physiotherapists at Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre are working on posture correction for several years. And our physiotherapists will spend a full hour performing a thorough evaluation. So that we can get an accurate diagnosis and get to know which muscles of yours are tight and which are weak. And after the evaluation, they will make a most specific and efficient exercise program to correct your posture.


The first aim of our intervention is to relieve your pain. For this, we have the most effective latest technology machines and an expert manual therapist.

Machines available at our physiotherapy clinic are- Extracorporeal shock wave (ECSW), High-intensity class 4 laser, super inductive system (SIS), Cryo-compression, Cryo-air, Targeted Radiofrequency (TR-therapy), & Combo machine, etc.

Our physiotherapist also does some manual techniques such as- cupping therapy, dry needling, fascia release, etc.

Exercise therapy to correct faulty posture includes:

The first routine will be focused on the neck and upper body. The first exercise is used to mobilize the upper body which can be done with either a band or a towel, this exercise is used to open up and stretch the shortened chest and shoulder muscles. For this- grip both ends of the towel with a wide overhead grip with straight elbows > pull it apart slightly to create tension > and then without bending your elbow raise it over your head and behind your back (going only as far as you are capable of) > and when it gets behind your back focus on pulling your hands apart. Starts this exercise with a wider grip and over time narrow your grip as your mobility improves.

The next exercise is the Cobra pose. The benefit of this exercise is that this exercise affects joint by joint from ankle to head to stretch out all muscles that tighten up due to prolonged sitting habits.

The next exercise is the Quadratus lumborum (QL) stretch. For this, you have to stand up and hold one hand at your hip and abduct your other arm with an extended elbow overhead and try to reach the opposite side.

For the neck muscles, there is the Chin tucks exercise and its variations.

We start with thoracic and mid-back mobility exercises for this we use thoracic rotations.

The next exercise is kneeling hip flexor stretching. This will correct your anterior pelvic tilt.

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