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The most important mechanical wave used in physiotherapy is Ultrasound. Ultrasonic Therapy is the utilization of ultrasound energy to treat body tissues. Ultrasound is generated by a transducer head which consists of a crystal mounted at the front that transforms one form of energy into another. When ultrasound enters the body it can exert an effect on the cells and tissues via two physical mechanisms: Thermal and Non-Thermal.

Ultrasound therapy can be beneficial for:

Frequently Ask Questions

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• Improvement of local circulation and thus also metabolism
• The rise in temperature enhances Vasodilatation
• Increase in capillary permeability and increased resorption of fluid.
• Improvement of local circulation and decrease in orthosympathetic activity resulting in significant muscle Relaxation.
• Decrease in local ischemia pain.
• Improvement of tissue regeneration capabilities as a result of the above-mentioned effects.

Ultrasound helps relieve pain in different types of arthritis, bursitis, myalgia, tendinitis, synovitis, old scar tissues, etc. ultrasound therapy is used in the treatment of muscle spasms by providing deep heat micro-massage and electrical stimulation simultaneously.
No, it is not a painful therapy.
No there are no any side-effects of ultrasound therapy, anyone can have ultrasound therapy.
The frequency usually used in physiotherapy is 0.8 – 3 MHz. When the air gap between the emitter head and the body surface is eliminated, the emitter head vibrations are transmitted into the tissue and propagate to depth in the form of longitudinal waves. All cells in the path of the ultrasonic beam begin to oscillate. This causes micro-massage followed by transformation of mechanical energy into thermal and deep warming of tissues. The amount of generated heat depends on the amount of absorbed energy.

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