World osteoporosis day

World Osteoporosis Day : Care for Your Bones

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is characterized by bone thinning, which can lead to extremely painful fractures. Age, gender, low body weight, low sex hormones or menopause, smoking, and several drugs are risk factors for osteoporosis. شرح بوكر

It’s patients are more likely to suffer fractures, or broken bones, when performing everyday tasks like standing or walking. It typically affects the ribs, hips, wrist, and spine bones.

Osteoporosis has no symptoms or warning signals in its early stages. روليت للايفون Most osteoporotic sufferers are unaware of their condition until they suffer a fracture. But still, some symptoms can be considered alarming like gum atrophy, diminished grip power, brittle and fragile nails, and joint pain.

It is diagnosed via a procedure known as bone densitometry, often known as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). It measures the density of the bones in your wrists, hips, or spine using X-rays. These three regions are particularly susceptible to osteoporosis.

Facts on Osteoporosis:

Spine fractures are the most common osteoporotic fractures, ask for testing and treatment if you experience back pain, height loss, or a stooped posture. You may be more susceptible if your family has a history of osteoporosis and fractured bones.

The disease osteoporosis might have negative consequences. Fractures that result from it can be painful, difficult to heal and cause other problems. العاب كسب المال There are many things that can be done, from eating healthy and exercising to taking the right drugs, for prevention, and treatment.

Prevention Advice:

Recommended exercises for weight-bearing joints,

be sure you consume enough vitamin D, and

Also, Maintain a healthy diet that includes lots of calcium-rich foods.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Osteoporosis:

At Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre we are a team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists. We are treating patients with a 100 percent success rate. Also, provide treatment for osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. We design a specialized exercise program highly specific to your need and condition. We conduct a thorough examination of your condition and make an assessment and according to that assessment, we design a treatment protocol.

Also for the best result, we incorporate world-class high-end therapeutic modalities for the treatment. such as-

  • Super Inductive System.
  • TR/Tecar.
  • Combo unit.
  • Also, Cryo-air. Etc.

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