Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips To Avoid Physical Discomfort And Pain

Work From Home Tips To Avoid Physical Discomfort And Pain

In this COVID 19 induced lockdown, most of the people hectic working from home either on their laptop, computer or on your mobile phones, and would be also not doing proper exercises as there is a restriction in gym, parks and other public places and not safe to moving outside rather necessary. So you should take several precautions while working from home especially while using laptops and mobile phones. that’s why here are Work From Home Tips to avoid pain and maintain good posture.

First of all, you should try avoiding improper posture like using the laptop for many hours on the sofa or bed and leaning on one side, working lying on the bed for a long time. It can impact your spine and leave a long-lasting effect. So you should use a proper table and chair for working on laptops/computers. The screen should be in the line of your eyes and at stretched straight arm distance, your table & elbow should be in the same line and the elbow should be at 90 degrees & resting on a support, and your shoulder should be in a neutral and relaxed position and spine should be erect, also your hip, knee & ankle should be at 90 degrees of flexion. Take a break of 60 seconds every 30 minutes of working. For example, you can keep your water bottle away from your working area and in every 30 minutes take a break to drink water. Or you can set a timer to remind you about the break.

Work From Home Tips/ Exercises To reduce pain

Do exercise to maintain neck and back posture correctly twice or thrice a day like a neck rotation from side to side.

Neck bending down and up.

Neck bending side to side.

Trapezius muscle stretching.

Chin tucks in an upright as well as supine position.

Foam roller posture exercises.

Core strengthening program (crunches, reverse crunches, leg raise, planks, side planks, reverse planks, Copenhagen planks, etc.).

Lower back muscle strengthening exercises (prone lying leg raise exercise, all four kickback exercises, and superman exercise, etc).

Cat and camel exercise.

Bridging for the strengthening of gluteal muscles.

McKenzie press-ups.

Stretching of the hamstring muscle.

Chiropractic and osteopathic treatment.

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