Triceps Tendinitis and its Management

Triceps Tendinitis and its Management

What is Triceps Tendinitis?

Elbow pain due to Triceps Tendinitis is the condition in which there is inflammation in the triceps tendon at the insertion of the muscle which is the olecranon process of the ulna bone. The triceps is a long muscle and contribute to the movement of elbow Extension as well as shoulder Extension and Adduction. Triceps Tendinitis is an overuse syndrome that involves the repeated extension of the elbow & internal rotation of the shoulder, which can cause injury to the triceps tendon. Triceps tendinitis Elbow pain can cause to any patient of any age but is most commonly seen in Professional weight lifters, Throwing players, and Badminton players.It is a very common sports injury

Common symptoms are:

  • Elbow pain.
  • pain lengthwise of the tendon.
  • Patients describe the pain and/or weakness in activities that require elbow extension.
  • swelling around the elbow.
  • Snapping sound or sensation in elbow or shoulder.
  • Also, Limited ROM in the arm.

Triceps tendinitis can be misdiagnosed with lateral or medial epicondylitis, bursitis, or elbow arthritis. So proper careful diagnosis is needed for accurate treatment. For accurate diagnosis visit a sports orthopedics or sports physiotherapist doctor. At the elite physiotherapy and sports injury centre, our well-experienced, specialized physiotherapists assess you in all aspects and make an accurate diagnosis

Physiotherapy treatment of Triceps tendinitis:

  • Use Elbow Brace¬†for the initial period till the swelling subsides.
  • Once the Swelling subsides start with ROM exercise.
  • Static triceps stretch, keep the affected elbow 90 degrees flexed and extend it against the resistance of the unaffected hand.
  • Towel resistance Elbow extension exercise, keep the injured arm over the head.
  • Myofascial release.
  • Self-release of triceps muscle with a tennis ball against the wall.
  • Strengthening of triceps muscle by kneeling pushups.
  • The best treatment for triceps tendinitis is- eccentric elbow extension.
  • Overhead triceps extension.
  • In addition, the Resistance tube/ band pushes down.
  • Also, Dips on the bench.
  • Physiotherapy modalities to relieve pain promote healing such as:
    • Shock wave therapy,
    • Combo therapy,
    • Also, High-Intensity Laser, etc.

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