Treatment of Knee osteoarthritis

Treatment of Knee osteoarthritis

Treatment of Knee osteoarthritis:

Knee Osteoarthritis is the condition in which the cartilage of the knee joint begins to thin out with older age, and due to thinning of the knee joint cartilage there is more rubbing of bone surfaces against each other and it can cause inflammation, pain, and reduced range of motion of the knee. Knee Osteoarthritis patients experience extreme knee pain while walking, going up the stairs, or even standing up. and treatment for knee OA becomes very crucial to avoid further damage to the joint.


Initial days of treatment we use Cryo-therapy with Icepacks and our latest high-tech machine Cryo-air to reduce your inflammation and pain.

Then our physiotherapist will teach you some knee Range of motion exercises such as heel slides for 10 repetitions.

Then starts Isometric strengthening exercises for the initial days once the pain subsides you can do other strengthening exercises.

Strengthening exercises. Such as Short arc quadriceps strengthening exercise, Bridging exercise (it is the combination of trunk and leg strengthening), Prone (on the stomach) knee bends, Medial Quadriceps mini Lunges, Wall squatting or half squatting Double heel raise (for calf strengthening), and leg raise (lying). Etc.

Stretching exercises such as Long sitting calf stretch (it will help you to regain knee extension), Sitting hamstring stretch, etc.

Pilates and Aerobic exercises for core strengthening.

Kinesio tape application to relieve pressure on the knee joint.

Acupuncture/Dry needling.

At Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre we also use some special machines to alleviate your pain and other symptoms of knee arthritis such as Ultrasound (US), Combo Therapy, Paraffin Wax Bath (PWB), etc.

Trending treatments we offered at our physiotherapy clinic are- Wet cupping, magnetotherapy, Hydrotherapy, etc.

Home exercise advice. Minimize the activity that aggravates the condition. Switch from high-impact activities (like jogging) to lower-impact activities (like swimming or cycling). Lose weight, Use assistive devices such as a cane, customize shoes insole, or wear a brace or knee sleeve.

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