Tibialis Anterior Tenosynovitis (Unable to lift foot)

Tibialis Anterior Tenosynovitis (Unable to lift foot)

What is Tibialis Anterior Tenosynovitis?

Overuse injuries from repetitive foot dorsiflexion (lifting) cause tibialis anterior tenosynovitis, a painful condition caused by an overuse injury to the anterior leg.

The tibialis anterior tendon connects the tibialis anterior muscle to the tarsal bone. And help to control actions such as jumping and running. This tendon is covered by a protective sheath known as synovium and this sheath produces synovial fluid, which keeps the tibialis anterior tendon lubricated.

Injury to the tendon may result in the malfunction of the sheath and if the sheath fails to produce synovial fluid, this can cause inflammation or swelling of the sheath.

Most of the cases responded to conservative treatment such as RICE, footwear modification, anti-inflammatory, and physiotherapy.

Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is the best physiotherapy clinic in Delhi, NCR for the treatment of this condition.

Surgery may be required if not managed early. So visit us if you are having any of these symptoms Such as:

  • anterior ankle pain,
  • ankle stiffness,
  • Also, swelling around the ankle, etc.

our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

Some other causes of Tibialis anterior tenosynovitis include:

  • prolonged physical activities such as
    • Running,
    • After a long period of time in the same position,
    • sudden sprain or strain,
    • rheumatologic, and
    • In addition, infectious conditions, etc.
  • It is common in sports such as
    • athletics,
    • cycling,
    • skiing, and
    • Also, mountain climbing.

Physiotherapy Treatment:

  • Cryotherapy- it may reduce swelling and pain.
  • Stretching of the lower leg- sit on your feet with slightly inward, then lean forward, place your hands on the ground and come up onto your toes.
  • Muscle release technique- a physiotherapist uses some techniques to release your lower leg muscle to reduce stiffness and tightness by using a tennis ball, golf ball, soft tissue mobilization blades, etc.
  • TENS+US Combo therapy.
  • In addition, Kinesio Taping.
  • Also, Heel walk drill- standing barefoot, actively pulling your toes and feet upwards towards your shins, and rocking your weight back gently so that you are balancing on your heel. Keep your leg straight, your core tight and your glutes engaged as you slowly step forward one foot after the other, only allowing your heel to touch the floor with every step.

Also, In Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre we have other high-end modalities to get you relief from tibialis anterior tenosynovitis quickly. These modalities are- extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ECSWT), and Class 4 high-intensity laser. Etc.

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