Sports Physiotherapy What Is It and How Does It Benefit Athletes

Sports Physiotherapy: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Athletes

What is sports physiotherapy?

Everyone enjoys sports as a hobby or recreational activity. Furthermore, some people devote their entire lives to a specific sport. Everyone who plays sports knows that injuries can happen during and after a game, whether it’s with friends or on a domestic or international level. Sports injuries, such as strained or torn muscles, can be excruciatingly painful. Sometimes, even without treatment, a person can move on as the pain fades. However, if you are serious about sports, it is critical that you have someone to assist you with your injuries and educate you on your condition. This is where sports physiotherapy can help.

Who are sports physiotherapists?

Whether you’re a sportsperson or not, you’ve probably heard of a physiotherapist. They are mobility specialists that help patients recover from injuries and avoid future issues. Physiotherapists assist athletes in managing and reducing discomfort, as well as restoring function. They also assist athletes in achieving fitness, staying active, and avoiding injuries.

Physiotherapy in sports:

As previously stated, injuries to players are fairly common during games. This means that if a player is having difficulty moving with the flexibility they should, a physiotherapist assesses and determines the underlying cause. They also decide whether or not the player should continue playing. Individual athletes require physiotherapists in addition to team sports such as football or cricket. Tennis players, boxers, swimmers, cyclists, and other athletes, for example, all require physiotherapy at some point.

Importance of sports physiotherapy:

Sports injuries are extremely unexpected, and you never know when or how they may occur. As a result, players are always in need of someone to assist them in managing pain and avoiding injuries. Physiotherapists determine if the player can play the present and subsequent games so that they do not endanger themselves further. This is why physiotherapists are essential in keeping a player fit and healthy for each game.

How do they help you?

Sports injuries are fairly common, but they can be rather serious at times. For example, some players must undergo surgery and, as a result, are unable to perform as well as they did prior to the injury. Sports physiotherapists engage the patient in safe exercises that do not require medication, allowing the patient to gradually regain the mobility they once had. Thus, having a physiotherapist by your side during rehabilitation can be quite beneficial because it decreases the chances of exacerbating the problem and helps you heal quickly.

Here are some conditions that a sports physiotherapist may treat.
  • Regain ROM-Overuse of muscles leads them to lose their mobility, which is referred to as reduced ROM.
  • Sprains and Strains are quite common in sports.
  • Fractures, closed, open, or even compound fractures.
  • Ligament, Tendon, & muscular Injury.
  • Joint replacement.
  • Pain in various places of the body causes soreness and stiffness.
  • Overuse injury.
Sports physiotherapy at Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre:

We have expertise in treating sports injuries. Our physiotherapists are qualified in sports physiotherapy. And also we have all high-end modalities such as Extracorporeal shock wave(ESW), TECAR or TR, High-intensity class 4 laser, Cryo air, Wireless professional, and Super inductive system(SIS). In addition, we also have a facility for the customized insole.

Our Sports physiotherapists are Certified in manual therapies and advanced treatments such as Dry needling, Cupping therapy, Kinesio taping, Soft tissue mobilization, etc.

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