Rotator cuff tear and its Treatment

Rotator cuff tear and its Treatment

What is a Rotator cuff tear?

The overhead throwing motion is a complex movement that places unusual stresses on the shoulder joint complex.   Rotator cuff muscles are intricately involved in powering the movement of the shoulder. It provides dynamic stability throughout ROM, it also provides direct joint compression, keeps the humeral head within the glenoid during motion, and prevents subluxations of the shoulder joint.  Rotator cuff tear is when the shoulder is in extreme external rotation and horizontal abduction.


  • Shoulder pain,
  • Shoulder muscle weakness,
  • Limited mobility,
  • Shoulder cracking in some positions,
  • loss of command or control of the arm,
  • Also, Discomfort in throwing a ball or other object.

If you experience any kind of the symptoms mentioned above you can visit us and witness the world-class treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment of Rotator cuff tear:

  • Initial treatment includes- Cryotherapy for pain reduction, compression bandage for swelling reduction, and Kinesio taping for joint stability as well as for pain-free ROM.
  • PHASE 1 OF REHAB INCLUDES- Passive or active-assisted ROM exercises in pain-free ranges to improve or maintain motion.
    • Forward elevation & external rotation.
    • Also, Stretching of the shoulder muscles.
  • PHASE 2 INCLUDES- Extension, internal rotation, and cross-body adduction.
    • Joint mobilization and manual stretching.
    • Strengthening exercises by using thera band.
    • Also, Scapular strengthening exercises.
  • PHASE 3 OF REHAB INCLUDES- Exercise with barbell/kettlebell for elbow flexors & extensors.
    • Chest press & military press.
    • Conditioning & Core strengthening exercises.
  • PHASE 4 OF REHAB INCLUDES- plyometric training and Trunk control training.
    • Catching & throwing weight balls.
    • Also, Agility training as energy derives from the lower extremities, transferring through the pelvis and release through the upper extremity.
  • HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM- lie down on the bed facing the floor > hang your affected arm straight out > keep weight in your hand (start with 500 grams) > elevate your arm straight up as far as you comfortably can > and then slowly come back down.
    • The second exercise is the same as the first but in this, you have to do your arm go out to the side.
    • The third exercise is lying and facing the roof > keep your arm straight and elevated at 90 degrees> and do the punching action but without flexing your elbow.
  • Apart from all these, our clinic is equipped with world-class high-tech therapeutic modalities which are highly effective and helps to recover early. such as
    • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy,
    • Super Inductive System,
    • High-intensity class 4 laser,
    • Combo therapy,
    • Also, Cryo-air.

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