Pranic healing

Pranic healing

Pranic healing

Pranic healing is the healing technique, using universal energy (also known as prana). Prana means vital energy or life force. We absorbed from 3 major sources The Sun, The Air, and The Earth. Every human body has two types of body the physical body and another is the Energy body.

What are chakras?

Our body is the source of energy, every Energy body consists of 7 Chakras or energy centers. Chakras are whirling energy centers that have a role in the proper functioning of a certain organ. كازينو حي The Energy body consists of 2 elements the inner aura and the outer aura. If the energy or aura is stable then the physical body remains healthy. Similarly, if the aura is unstable the physical body becomes disturbed. Pranic healing cleanses the energy body and makes the physical body healthy.

Why it is needed?

In the life of an ordinary person from childhood, many bad things happen like fear, stress, and frustration. all these things are stored inside our aura like negative energy. These stored negative energy will later appear as disease, pain, or psychological disorders. Some people favored drinking to temporarily forget about their difficulties. others smoke which enhances their problems in the long run. Similarly, some take medicine that most probably will clear the symptoms temporarily and come back in the future.

So what is the solution?

Just as we take a daily shower to clean our physical body we also have to clean our energy body. For cleaning the energy body there is a solution available which is PRANIC HEALING. With pranic healing, we can identify the problems and inner obstacles. And carefully remove them from the aura using a procedure in which there is no need for contact or any instrument.

What is the principle of Pranic Healing?

These energy centers continuously absorb fresh energy from the surroundings and expel used-up and decreased energy. When there is an accumulation of dead energy in any of these energy centers, they tend to deteriorate and in the long run. Physical organ control is also affected by this energy center. If somehow this dead energy is removed from the affected energy center. Then it starts functioning at optimum level and the concerned physical organ starts functioning again in a healthy manner.

How does it work?

In case of any disease or physical discomfort in any part of the body. For example, in pain in the knee joint, it is observed that the energy body of the knee area is disturbed. By applying pranic healing when this deceased energy is removed and replaced with fresh energy. The person suffering from discomfort finds relief and is healed. This may happen in one session or it may take a few sessions depending on the severity of the ailment. In pranic healing we remove this deceased energy from the affected area, this process is called cleansing.

When the affected area is relatively clean then we infuse fresh cosmic energy in this area. This process is called energizing. These two basic principles are the basis of pranic healing.

Pranic healing can help you with

Proper self-esteem
Inner peace and happiness
Better memory and concentration
Recharged body and improved health
Enhanced energetic sensitivity
And healing ability, etc.

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