Osteoporosis and Way to Prevent it

Osteoporosis and Ways to Prevent it

How to Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disorder in which your bones start losing their density. Osteoporosis could be severe as you can break your bones just by coughing or sitting down hard or even sneezing.

To prevent osteoporosis-

  • Calcium-rich foods should be consumed, such as
    • orange juice,
    • dairy products whether it be yogurt or cheese or milk,
    • green leafy vegetables are important like spinach, broccoli, etc.
  • apart from calcium you also need Vitamin D. Fish, egg yolks, fortified milk, juice, and cereal are high in vitamin D.

The most important thing in addition to what your body does to get that calcium to go into your bone is you have to exercise regularly.

Bone growth is at its peak around the age of 30-35 and then it becomes decreases with older age.

Physiotherapy Management to Prevent Osteoporosis includes:

Walking is one of the best way and easiest ways to begin building bone growth for your lower body. Things you want to think about are standing tall > you wish to have a comfortable stride length when you are walking. It is an open-chain activity so your leg is coming off a surface hitting a surface so you are getting forces transmitted up through the body and that’s gonna stimulate that bone growth.

Squats & Lunges- This is for strengthening the muscles in the lower limbs. there are different ways to modify squats like- Half squats, Deep squats, & Sumo squats. Things to remember while squatting is you want to keep your feet facing forward, and knees lined up with your feet but you want to be able to see your toes when you go down. Similarly, you can do lunges and visit your physiotherapist for more guidance.

Resistance training & Weights- For this, you can use Resistive bands, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or even household activities (like water bottles & other kitchen things). This kind of exercise will help you to regain upper body strength and keep your posture in better alignment.

Closed chain activities- Such as wall push-ups.

Fall preventive treatment- Balance and proprioceptive exercises are examples.  Lying Balancing exercise (pelvic lifting with one hip & knee bending).

Aerobic exercise- such as swimming, & cycling, etc.

Isometric exercise- like knee pressing, heel pressing, etc.

Posture corrective exercise.

Bracing and support- Bracing can be used while traveling to prevent any injury.

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