Lower back spasms and its Treatment

Lower back spasms and its Treatment

Lower back spasms:

Lower back spasms can be caused by injury to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments as a result of lifting heavy things. It feels like a muscle is contracting or moving strongly. It occurs when muscles tense and contract. There is also a moving dull ache, a sharp pain in one spot. And discomfort from a lower back spasm that travels to other parts of the body, such as the hip or legs.

The lower back is Heavy lifting, activities that place undue tension on the muscles and ligaments. Poor posture and muscular overuse all contribute to spasms. Sports injuries such as football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and golf can cause nerve injury.


Lower back spasm symptoms include

  • tension in the lower back,
  • sudden pain in the lower back,
  • chronic discomfort in the lower back, and
  • weakness in the lower back muscles.


Alternating ice and heat therapy. It provides a “pumping” motion in the circulatory system by limiting circulation to minimize edema and then enhancing circulation to a specific location.

Chiropractic adjustment: The purpose of this therapy is to enhance spinal mobility and physical function in your body.

Deep tissue massage technique. It is used to break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions (muscle adhesions are bands of tight and painful muscle tissue that we feel in our muscles). These knots can clog our arteries and create discomfort and inflammation.

Muscle release therapy, either manually or with a foam roller. It is used to relieve restrictions in the connective tissue, resulting in a larger range of motion and reduced discomfort.

Stretching (child position, bridging, cat-cow pose): To increase your physical performance, stretch. Reduce your risk of injury, assist your joints in moving through their entire range of motion, and Increase muscular blood flow. Allow your muscles to operate more efficiently, improve your capacity to do daily tasks, and so on.

Additionally, a core strengthening program, posture correction treatment, dry needling, also laser therapy can use to treat lower back spasms.

Also, there are some advanced modalities that can assist in pain reduction such as shock wave therapy, super inductive system, wireless professional, etc.

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