Importance of Shoes

Importance of Shoes in normal walking  and in sports

Importance of Shoes in normal walking  and in sports

To get a good workout you need a great shoes. There is a huge variety of walking, running, and cross-training shoes. There is great Importance of Shoes in your injury-free walking, running or exercise. But what’s the difference between them?

Importance of Walking shoes

First is walking shoes, because walking and running are very similar activities. However, when you are walking your weight gets distributed more evenly than when you are running.  So walking shoes are designed with this in mind. Walking shoes are very lightweight and they provide the right amount of arch support with more flexibility.

Importance of Running shoes

Next is Running shoes, always wear running shoes according to your gait pattern, gait is defined by how your foot comes in contact with the ground during your stride. To get assess your gait pattern you can visit Elite physiotherapy & sports injury center. Running shoes always have fine width which should ideally leave your toes to move freely from one side to another.  Running shoes should have a higher heel drop and more cushioning at the hind and mid-foot. If you have low-arched feet then you need shoes that have more stability. In the high-arched foot, you need lightweight and more flexible shoes which have good cushioning for running. If you have a neutral foot arch then you can try cushioning shoes. Running shoes also tend to be made with more mesh which keeps your feet cool while you are running.

Cross Training shoes

Cross-training includes activities like weight training, football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, basketball, or kickboxing, basically any aerobic exercise that involves side-to-side movements. They are designed to do multidirectional movement and have a flatter soles than running shoes. Cross-training shoes have more cushioning in the forefoot, protecting you when you land on your toes. They have wide and thin soles to provide more stability and give you lateral protection as they have more resistance on the lateral side with extra grip on the lateral side.

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