5 Importance of proprioception & Balancing in different Sports

Importance of proprioception & Balancing in different sports

Proprioception is sensory information from muscles, tendons, and ligaments by which your body knows where it is in space. And Balance is defined as the ability of your body to maintain the equilibrium of the body or to stay in control of your body’s position.

Proprioception and Balance are responsible for precise, smooth, and coordinated movement control in sports and daily functional activities. Proprioception and Balance play an important role in joint stability and injury prevention in sports.

Any sort of injuries, it will damage muscles, some soft tissues, and joints. Whatever the injury is but it also damages your nerves and your proprioceptors.

After any sort of injury, if you go back to the sport before you properly retrain those proprioceptors and those nerves, then you are increasing the chance of getting another injury.

For example, if you had an ankle sprain and you use icing and some kind of painkiller to manage your pain then you get back to sports activities without retraining the proprioceptive system in the nerve and balance control you are very likely to re-sprain that same ankle.

Poor proprioception can result in altered movement patterns.

Poor proprioception can lead to higher injury and recurrence rates.

Specific proprioceptive and balance training.

Training in proprioception and balance includes

Single-leg standing exercises can progress with closed eyes, then on uneven surfaces.

Bosu ball training.

Ball throwing and catching exercises progressed with standing on uneven surfaces.

Wobble board balancing.

Also can use thera band under your one foot and lift your other foot and hold the band’s both ends with both hands now side raise your arms.

Finally, use Kinesio tape or athletic tape to provide immediate sensorimotor feedback.

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