Functional training

Functional training & its importance

Functional training & its importance

An exercise regime that’s designed to keep a person’s functional activities in mind is called functional training. Functional training helps to get back to the day-to-day activities, routine, or occupation. Using this technique, a person is able to identify the weak muscles and the muscles that need strengthening, and accordingly, exercises are given to them.

The goal of Functional training

The main goal is to improve independence, improve endurance level and also improve the performance of a person in their occupation or their sports. It is designed to replicate the activities individuals do in real life.


Firstly identification of the functional task. Secondly, It is particular and person-specific. Thirdly is that the functional program is integrated, which means the program has to be a mix of flexibility, core strength, endurance training, strength training, etc. Fourthly is that the program has to be progressive and gradually increase in frequency & intensity. Finally, It should provide a similar training environment as the person’s work environment.


It uses your body efficiently and the body is not dependent on external equipment. The second is that it improves the balance and coordination of the body. The third is that it prevents injuries. It increases your flexibility and core strength. Improves body posture. It increases your speed and power. Ultimately it improves your performance in your particular sports, day-to-day life, and other activities.

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