Hip Bursitis andt its Best Treatment

Hip Bursitis andt its Best Treatment

What is Hip bursitis?

Do you get hip pain on the outside?  Can’t sleep on your side due to discomfort?  When walking or standing on one leg, is it worse? or as you descend the stairs? This annoying pain on the outside of the hip may be trochanteric bursitis, sometimes known as “hip bursitis” for short. There are many cases of trochanteric bursitis. While some younger athletes (like runners) may be affected, persons over 40 are the most likely to experience it.

What is Hip Bursitis?

Because there is so much movement at the greater trochanter of the hip joint, a bursa (a small sack of fluid) is present to help with friction reduction. Hip bursitis results from irritation of this bursa brought on by severe compression, repeated use, or improper mechanics.

Strategies to Reduce Pain in Hip Bursitis

Here are a few quick, yet powerful, tips to help you cope with discomfort on a daily basis.

  • The area shouldn’t be stretched. Although our natural tendency is to “stretch” a tight or painful area, doing so in this situation may actually make things worse.
  • If you can only sleep on your side because it’s too painful, think about investing in a softer mattress for your bed. This may be more comfortable to lay on than a conventional mattress.
  • When standing, try not to “hang on one hip.” If the bursitis is irritating and painful, this could put undue strain on the outer hip.
  • Try not to cross your legs while you sit if you find that the discomfort is getting worse.

Physical Therapy for Hip Bursitis

The tendons and muscles in the area will be gradually strengthened as part of the physiotherapy treatment. The tendons on the outside hip will be better able to withstand loads as a result. This will eventually make it pain-free for you to run, squat, and go downstairs.

Isometric training is a fantastic approach to begin “loading” the injured side before progressively progressing to motions like clamshells and leg lifts. We eventually move on to more challenging workouts and dynamic motions like squats and lunges when the area’s irritation subsides.

Exercises :

Low load isometric hip abduction in the sideline as well as in the supine line.

Deep squats.

Standing hip abduction with loop band. etc.

Advanced treatment at elite physiotherapy & sports injury centre

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

TECAR therapy.

Super inductive system.

Wireless professional.

Combo therapy.

High-intensity class-4 laser therapy.

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