Dry needling and its Benefits

Dry needling and its Benefits

Dry Needling is the answer to your Pain

Dry needling is a specialized manual technique that involves the use of a long thin filament needle that is inserted deep into the muscle typically a physiotherapist target an area of the contracted muscle that has a trigger point & that is the source of the pain. It can start a cascade of events of the analgesics that the body naturally produces and get the muscle out of pain.

A dry needle will go down under the skin, muscle & fascia and touch the bone and stimulate the nerves on the ends of the bone.

There are a few theories that explain how it works. One is it’s a targeted deep tissue massage. Another theory is that it induces inflammation which is the act of putting a needle In the muscle. It causes bleeding and that bleeding promotes healing.  And then the third concept or third theory on treating dry needling is that it changes the fluid balance in the muscles. Stimulating inflammation and then you promote changes in the pH balance and different proteins come out and that promotes healing.

Dry needling has excellent clinical outcomes, it’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Also, this technique is the best treatment for muscle or trigger point pain and its effects are instantaneous.  This means you will experience improvement from the first treatment session. Some of the benefits of dry needling over medication are they don’t have any side effects, & there is no addiction effect. In addition, the effects of 10 minutes of dry needling are similar to 60 minutes of massage.

It is helpful in:

It can be used for patients that have Neck pain, Low back pain, or Chronic strains. Or whose neural pathways are shut down post-stroke, and any patient that has pain in the muscle.

Its application doesn’t huts, it is just uncomfortable and it feels awkward to have your muscle twitch when you are not controlling it but you will feel relief.

Benefits of Dry needling:

Pain reduction by counter-irritation & release of neurotransmitters

Pain reduction by resolving trigger point

Promotion of healing by fibroblastic activation

Increased local blood flow promotes healing

Also, Relieving spasms

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