Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome and its Treatment

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome and its Treatment

What is Anterior knee pain syndrome?

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome is characterized by pain in the front and center of the knee. Patellar tendonitis, osteochondrosis, patella-femoral instability, synovial impingement, fat pad irritation, osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendinopathy, and other conditions can cause it. The kneecap is positioned incorrectly. Muscle tightness or weakness at the front or rear of the thigh, Flat feet, obesity, a history of dislocation/fracture, and so on.

It shows the following symptoms-

  • Pain while walking downstairs/squatting/wearing high heel shoes/or sitting for long periods with flexed knee,
  • Tenderness,
  • Crepitus.

The best Physiotherapy Treatments for Anterior knee pain syndrome are

  1. Balancing the muscles surrounding the knee cap by strengthening and stretching muscles.
  2. Strengthening of the quadriceps muscle (especially for VMO).
  3. Stretching of the Hamstring, gastrocnemius, and Rectus femoris muscles, Improving Eccentric muscular control.
  4. Close chain Exercises.
  5. Customized shoe insert.
  6. Proprioceptive training.
  7. Also, Kinesio Taping.
  8. In addition, advanced physiotherapy treatment for early recovery. It includes functional manual therapy and treatment with the latest machines.

Correction of body biomechanics.

Acute and chronic pain is reduced by combining hip and knee exercises.

Strengthening workouts for the hip extensors, abductors, and external rotators.

Lunge and squat.

Individuals with patellar or quadriceps tendinopathy may benefit from isometric exercise for pain relief, with an eventual transition to eccentric or concentric activities.

Thera-bands can be wrapped around the knees, ankles, or forefoot to increase thigh abduction and external rotation torque generation during squat and lunge workouts, as well as foot supination and tibial external rotation.

Foot orthoses can also use to minimize transverse plane knee rotation and hence reduce pain.

Retraining of movement.

Also, Athletes can benefit from agility and plyometric training.

Some latest physiotherapy modalities to relieve Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome are-

  1. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy,
  2. High-intensity laser,
  3. Also, Cryo-air treatment with an air of temperature -32 degrees Celcius,
  4. Blood Flow restriction therapy.

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