Best Physiotherapy Management For Your Knee Pain post knee surgery

4 Best Physiotherapy Management For Your Knee Pain

4 Best Physiotherapy Management For Your Knee Pain

In this article, we are going  to take a look at 4 best physiotherapy management for your knee pain

The Knee is one of the joints that supports the most pressure of our body, and also Knee is a very prone joint to getting injured. Consequently, It can be injured while running, jumping, landing from a jump, and playing sports like- football, cricket, basketball, etc. these activities cause strain, sprain, soreness, and inflammation to the knee joint. so here is the 4 best physiotherapy management for your knee pain

Our knee joint is supported by many structures like- Ligaments, tendons, cartilage, capsule, meniscus, and muscles. Any movement that causes the knee to move abnormally can cause injury to the structure which gives knee joint stability. An injury to these structures can hamper the stability of the knee joint and cause pain.

Different injury or pathology causes pain at different location of your knee like –

1. Pain at the patella (front of the knee) & generally worse at the time of walking downstairs can be-
a) Runner’s knee
b) Patellofemoral pain syndrome
c) Jumpers knee
d) Bursitis
e) Arthritis
2. Pain on the inside (medial aspect) of the knee can be
a) Medial meniscus tear
b) Medial collateral ligament injuries
c) Medial plica syndrome
3. Pain below the patella maybe
a) Osgood-Schlatter disease
b) Osteochondritis disease
c) Jumper’s knee
d) Patellofemoral instability
4. Pain on both (medial & lateral) sides of the patella can be
a) Meniscus or ligament tear
b) Arthritis
5. Pain at the lateral aspect of the knee
a) Illio-tibial band syndrome
6. Pain at the back of the knee
a) Baker’s cyst
b) Biceps femoris tendonitis


1) Pain management and healing can be achieved by
a) Acupuncture (especially in case of knee osteoarthritis)
dry needling or acupuncture for knee pain relief
b) Micro Electric stimulation modalities such as-

  •  Shock wave therapy
  • Shock wave for Knee Pain
  • Super inductive system
  • Super Inductive System for Knee Pain
  • Targeted radiofrequency therapy
  • Ultrasound and TENS
  • Combo unit for knee pain
  • Cryo-air
  • High-intensity laser

2) Inflammation managed by-

  • Compression bandage &
  • Leg elevation

3) Muscle strength and joint stability can be achieved by-
 Eccentric knee ROM exercises
 Lunges, Squatting, Resisted Clamshells, Bridging, Lateral hops, Copenhagen plank
Lunges for Knee Strength

 Reverse Nordic curl
Reverse Nordic Curl for Knee Strength
 Splits squat (rest the back foot on the bench/box, and weight on your front foot)
 Sustained wall squat calf raise

 8-way reach drill
 Bosu ball balancing
Bosu Ball Balancing
 Proprioceptor training
 Balance board training
Balance Board Training
 Single leg standing

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