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Best Physiotherapy Treatments To Get Relief From Neck Pain


Due to the sedentary lifestyle that people acquired and overuse of mobile, computer, or laptop people faces neck pain problem. If you are a desk job worker and spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer or bent over a desk, then you are at an increased risk to develop muscle and joint problems. Incorrect posture may cause some severe changes in the anatomy of the cervical spine which further worsen the situation. that’s why we have brought for you the Best Physiotherapy Treatments To Get Relief From Neck Pain.

The problem you may face due to prolonged sitting while engaged in your desk job at the office or home are: sitting for prolonged duration can result in poor blood circulation to your muscles and joints it leads to- Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Potbelly, Headaches, Wrist strain, and most important due to prolonged sitting you will acquire a faulty posture that will exaggerate your already poor condition.

The cause of neck pain is so many like- prolonged straining, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, sports injury,  muscle tightness, weakness of neck muscle, bone pathology, nerve impingement, and postural compensatory mechanism, etc.

Neck pain is sometimes associated with – headache, numbness/tingling of one or both arms, pain that radiated to the hand, restricted neck movement, and pain worsened by holding the head in one place, such as when driving or working at a computer.


  1. Firstly Micro Electric Stimulation Used To Relief Neck Pain
  1. Similarly Physiotherapy Techniques To Relief Pain
  • Acupuncture (dry needling)
  • manual therapy
  • cupping therapy
  • chiropractics
  1. Secondly Physiotherapy To Release Tight Muscles Of Neck-
  • myofascial release (MFR) techniques
  • stretching of muscles
  1. Thirdly To Increase the Cervical Range Of Motion-
  • mobilization,
  • Active/passive ROM exercise
  1. Lastly For Strengthening Of Neck Muscles-
  • strengthening of rhomboid muscle by Prone T/Y/W Exercises,
  • Dumbbell lateral raises
  • Side plank
  • Shoulder external rotation
  • Prone cervical extension
  • Chin tucks exercises (in supine/prone/supine & resisted with theraband/supine chin tuck with neck flexion/prone chin tuck retraction with theraband/standing chin tuck with small gym ball behind the head)

Prone shrugging on an inclined bench.

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