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Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises

Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises

A Hamstring injury occurs when we Strain or Pull the muscle. and this is very difficult to deal with and we have the Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises to deal with your injury.

A hamstring is a group of 3 muscles that consist of the following muscles as The Biceps Femoris, The Semitendinosus, and the Semimembranosus.

Cause of Hamstring injury can be-

Due to Muscle Overload, Muscle Tightness, Muscular Imbalance, Weak Muscles, and Poor Warm-Up.

among these, the commonest form of hamstring injury is Hamstring Strain. Hamstring strain generally occurs when there are rapid acceleration activities that cause rapid contraction or a violent stretch of the Hamstring muscle group which causes high mechanical stress.

Predisposing Factors which may play a role in hamstring strain are old age, Previous hamstring Injury, Limited Hamstring Flexibility, Poor core stability, etc.

Hamstring injury commonly occurs-

While playing football, cricket, basketball, tennis, athletics, and skating, etc. Or in a sport that involves sprinting with sudden starts and stops and also in dancing.

The Person with hamstring injury generally presented with a complaint of –

The sudden sharp pain of back of the thigh



Bruising or discoloration

Muscle weakness

Also, Inability to put weight on the affected side

Might also feel a “popping “or tearing sensation

Common Diagnostic Methods to Evaluate the Hamstring Injury are:

Physical Examination which includes- Observation, Palpation, Runnin gait examination, Range Of Motion, Manual Muscle Testing, etc.

Mechanism of injury





  • Firstly Myofascial release on the foam roller
  • Then Specialized physiotherapy modalities are used to relieve pain and enhance healing for example
  1. Ultrasound therapy
  2. Targeted Radiofrequency therapy
  3. Shockwave therapy &
  4. High-intensity laser
  • Then Resisted and knee flexion in prone
  • Prone hip extension
  • Nordic curls
  • Hamstring slider exercise
  • Hamstring eccentric exercises
  • Split squat
  • Staggered stance hip hinges with the dumbbell
  • Inch-worm exercise
  • Glutes strengthening with Bridging with progression
  • Lastly Agility and sports specific training

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