Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises

Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises

Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises

A Hamstring injury occurs when we Strain or Pull the muscle. and this is very difficult to deal with we have the Best Hamstring Rehab Exercises to deal with your injury.

A hamstring is a group of 3 muscles that consist of the following muscles The Biceps Femoris, The Semitendinosus, and the Semimembranosus.

The cause of Hamstring injury can be-

Due to Muscle Overload, Muscle Tightness, Muscular Imbalance, Weak Muscles, and Poor Warm-Up.

among these, the commonest form of hamstring injury is Hamstring Strain. Hamstring strain generally occurs when there are rapid acceleration activities that cause rapid contraction or a violent stretch of the Hamstring muscle group which causes high mechanical stress.

Predisposing Factors which may play a role in hamstring strain are old age, Previous hamstring Injury, Limited Hamstring Flexibility, Poor core stability, etc.

Hamstring injury commonly occurs-

While playing football, cricket, basketball, tennis, athletics, and skating, etc. Or in a sport that involves sprinting with sudden starts and stops and also in dancing.

The Person with hamstring injury generally presented with a complaint of –

The sudden sharp pain in the back of the thigh



Bruising or discoloration

Muscle weakness

Also, the Inability to put weight on the affected side

Might also feel a “popping “or tearing sensation

Common Diagnostic Methods to Evaluate the Hamstring Injury are:

Physical Examination includes- Observation, Palpation, Runnin gait examination, Range Of Motion, Manual Muscle Testing, etc.

Mechanism of injury




  • Firstly Myofascial release on the foam roller
  • Then Specialized physiotherapy modalities are used to relieve pain and enhance healing for example
    1. Ultrasound therapy
    2. Targeted Radiofrequency therapy
    3. Shockwave therapy &
    4. High-intensity laser
  • Then Resisted knee flexion in prone
  • Prone hip extension
  • Nordic curls
  • Hamstring slider exercise
  • Hamstring eccentric exercises
  • Split squat
  • Staggered stance hip hinges with the dumbbell
  • Inch-worm exercise
  • Glutes strengthening with Bridging with progression
  • Lastly Agility and sports-specific training

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